The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC):  Art Anonymous
Sourthern Pines, NC 28388


The Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) is calling on artists to make a secret "mini masterpiece" which will be for sale to art lovers. Proceeds from the sale go to benefit the programs and services of ACMC.


You can help by doing what you do best create art. Art Anonymous will provide you with 5"x7" archival canvases as many as you would like upon which you can create your art. These anonymous works of art, made by you and other renowned artists, will be on display and sold for $50 a piece at our art exhibit in June, 2009. All of the artists' identities will remain concealed until the work is sold. You can make more than one, mini masterpiece and work in any 2-D medium but DO NOT sign the front of your work. You'll find a space provided on the back of each card for your signature. Then simply return the work to us by May 4, 2009 and please keep it a secret!


Fill out the attached reply card and return it to the Arts Council by March 2, 2009 and we'll mail you your anonymous art packet or, if you prefer, you can pick it up at the Arts Council of Moore County offices (Campbell House, 482 E. Connecticut Ave., Southern Pines). Participating artists will be listed on our website and in promotional and marketing materials for Art Anonymous. The works will be posted on our website anonymously of course and a list of participating artists will also be listed in a separate place on the web site. You will also receive an invitation to the Art Anonymous opening reception at Campbell House on June 5, 2009.


March 6, 2009 Artist commitment due to ACMC
March 16, 2009 Distribution of art packets to Artists
May 4, 2009 All art due to ACMC
June 5, 2009 Art Anonymous Preview & Artists Reception at Campbell House
June 5-26, 2009 Art Anonymous exhibition dates (Mon.-Fri., 9 am to 5 pm)
June 20, 2009 Art Anonymous weekend date (2 to 4 pm)

I created 48 acrylic paintings.  All measureing 5" x 7".  As it turned out, most of the compositions fell into the vertical range.  The first five [5]images in row one [1] are the pieces submitted for this show.

The image are presented in random order. I didn't keep a record sequencing the paintings according to when completee. There are also some works that need additional work on them as I view them on the web page. Such is the problems making art using any form of automatism!!!
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