2011 sculpture Part III ~ 2012 sculpture part I -- a representative sampling of ideas and their development during this two year time frame. It is difficult to construct a linear time line which clearly illustrates how the work is made because I use improvisation as a primary working methodology. There is no logical physical trail in the finished pieces that lays out a progression from one piece to another. I work on a piece one way, start another piece from a different place, then start another, etc, etc. Once under way I work on 5 or more pieces as simultaneously as possible. During this process I will start additional pieces. I feel like a juggler while working in the studio.

I continue to be fascinated with how plaster functions as a material for making sculpture. Of special interest to me is its speed. Art making that requires slow or multistage processes eventually loose my interest in using them. I need an art making process that ends quickly and restarts quickly. Plaster also an ideal multitasker. It can be cast and makes hi fidelity casts from any original used. It can be worked directly, then manipulated with a wide variety of standard sculpture tools as well as non-standard tools. Ideas and related mechanics for manipulating this material are endless.

The experience I have gained over these two years has motivated my interest to ad sophisticated form and to increase the size, yet remain within the realm of table top sculpture. Also I am interested in expanding media considerations beyond plaster. I have settled on using epoxy and polyurethane resins in both cast and direct construction methods.

As with all my work, this project is on going.

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() = approximate inch measurement

All measurement in inches: Height x Width x Depth.    Code: Catalog #:, medium, size.

NOTE: All plaster sculpture completed in 2011 are painted with acrylics; cream or ultrawhite. All plasters completed in 2012 are unpainted but sealed with semi-matte acrylic medium.

001-004: Unpainted plaster, ()9x5+1/2x5+1/2
005-013: Unpainted plaster bases; tops -- commingled plaster, pva resin, paper
014-017: Unpainted plaster, ()7+1/2x5x5
018-021: Unpainted plaster, ()5x6x6
022-025: Unpainted plaster, ()5x5x5
026-029: Unpainted plaster, ()7x5+1/2x5+1/2
030-037: Unpainted plaster, ()6x5x5
038-045: Unpainted plaster, ()4x3x3
046-053: Unpainted plaster bases: 4x3x3; tops -- mixed detritus in plaster, ()4x4x4
054-057: Paper mache clay, Cement, Common brick, ()9x4x4
058-062: Mixed epoxy resin with cloth scraps, ()4x3x4
063-070: Epoxy resin soaked paper towel, wood stick, cardboard base; ()11x7x7
071-077: Wood stick frame, wood, epoxy soaked mixed papers; ()13x13x13
078-081: Unpainted plaster, ()8x4x4
082-085: Unpainted plaster, ()9x6x6
086-089: Unpainted plaster, ()10x8x7
090-093: Unpainted plaster, ()6x5x5
094-097: Unpainted plaster, ()10x7x6
098-104: Unpainted plaster, ()8x5x5
105-109: PVA resin/paper ()2x2x2; painted plaster base 3x3x3
110-115: Unpainted plaster ()2x2x2; Unpainted plaster base 3x3x3
116-119: Plaster chips + sawdust + paper + floor detritus + acrylic gel mix ()3x3x3; base 3x3x3
120-123: PVA resin/paper ()2+1/2x3x3; base 3x3x3
124-127: Plaster chips + sawdust + paper + floor detritus + acrylic gel mix ()3x3x3; base 3x3x3
128-135: Epoxy resin soaked paper ()3x3x3; base 3x3x3
136-139: Mixed epoxy resin with studio detritus ()1+1/2x1+1/2x1+1/2; base 3x3x3
140-147: Epoxy resin soaked paper towel ()1+1/2x1+1/2x1+1/2; base 3x3x3
148-154: Plaster, wood, mirror ()3x4+1/2x7
155-158: Epoxy resin soaked paper ()2x3x4; base 3x3x3
2011 (approximately from July thru December)

159-162: Painted plaster ()3x3x2 includes base
163-164: Gilded plaster on mirror ()4x2+1/2x2
165-168: Painted plaster ()4x3x2+1/2
169-172: Painted plaster spheres, cast acrylic paint (red) ()3+1/2x4x4
173-175: Paper mache clay (squeeze), painted plaster base ()2+1/2x4x2+1/2
176-179: Painted plaster ()2+1/2x3x1+1/2; base 3x3x3
180-183: 2 pc paper mache clay ()1+1/2x2x3; base 3x3x3
184-185: Paper mache clay (squeeze), mirror ()1+1/2x2+1/2x5+1/2
186-187: Paper mache clay (squeeze) around painted plaster, ()1+1/2x2+1/2x5
188-194: Paper mache clay & wood ()2+1/2x11x5
195-200: Misc general studio sculpture table
199: Plasters, mirror, reflected self

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