2011 sculpture Part II — a representative sampling of ideas and their development during this time frame. It is difficult to construct a linear time line which clearly illustrates how the work is made because I use improvisation as a primary working methodology. There is no logical physical trail in the finished pieces that lays out a progression from one piece to another. I work on a piece one way, start another piece from a different place, then start another, etc, etc. Once under way I work on 5 or more pieces as simultaneously as possible. During this process I will start additional pieces. I feel like a juggler while working in the studio.

I continue to be fascinated with how plaster functions as a material for making sculpture. Of special interest to me is its speed. Art making that requires slow or multistage processes eventually loose my interest in using them. I need an art making process that ends quickly and restarts quickly. Plaster also an ideal multitasker. It can be cast and makes hi fidelity casts from any original used. It can be worked directly, then manipulated with a wide variety of standard sculpture tools as well as non-standard tools. Ideas and related mechanics for manipulating this material are endless.

As with all my work, this project is on going.

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() = approximate inch measurement

All measurement in inches: Height x Width x Depth.    Code: Catalog #:, medium, size.

NOTE: Polychromed pieces are painted with acrylic paint; cream or ultrawhite. Unpainted pieces are sealed with semi-matte acrylic medium. The paper mache clay pieces are sealed with semi-matte acrylic medium — the color is natural to this clay.
2011 Small Plaster Sculpture

01: Plaster, string, steel wire; ()14x5x3
01-02: Plaster, string, steel wire; ()14x5x3
03-05: Studio Table ~ Paper clay stuff ~ sphere = ()1+1/2d
06-07: Studio Table ~ Plasters on mirror - sphere = ()1"d. 01-02 base at top
08-14: Sandwich from bottom ~ castor thingy, wood = ()3x3x3; plaster = ()6x463
15-18: Studio view showing #08-14, skulls in process, misc studio stuff
19-22: Small spheres on wood ()6x16x3; sphere at right = ()1+1/2
23-29: Plaster ()3x4x2
30-33: Plaster ()3x3x3
34-37: Plaster ()6x7x7+1/2
38-44: Plaster ()4+1/2x5x4
45-55: 3 pc plaster [2 plaster ~ 1 paper clay squeeze] ()5x7+1/2x4
56-60: Plaster [including base] ()8+1/2x8+1/2x7+1/2
61-63: Plaster [including base] ()11x8x11
64-68: Plaster [including base] ()9+1/2x10x7
69: Studio table
70: Close up of material used to make epoxy sculptures

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