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"EAT" wins First Place at Charlotte Art League
Fall Into Art Juried Show.

I have stated elsewhere on my web site that I set up my camera with a telephoto lens and shoot pics from the TV; anything and everything is fair game for capture. Images that interest me are developed. Like all of my digital work, the images are revisited constantly over time. And I am constantly reworking an image as the impulse moves me to do so.

"EAT" wins another prize. This time awarded First Place at the Charlotte Art League "Fall Into Art juried show". This link was posted prior to judging on November 7, 2014. Not sure if winner images will be posted soon. Revisit this link to see update when posted.

EAT was born from a vision. Sounds corny, but this is the truth. I constantly peruse image files that are on my hard drive. I use PICASA. This software indexes all images that are located on my computer system. As I search image files I create albums to organize images according themes — a juried show somewhere, a specific theme for a continuing or new project. The three images that make up EAT came to me as I was perusing some images I took from the TV. I came across the top image, and immediately the other two came into my mind. I located the three images, created a file in Corel Photopaint, stacked the three, lined it all up, saved the file, printed the file. This is one of those rare moments when the process starts and completes itself in less than 15 minutes of studio time. When done it all fits together, image and narrative, and nothing more can be done to it. I have to stress that this is a rare event. Most of the time I agonize over image selections and image corrections. Most of the time it takes many hours of selection, reflection, and manipulation of images, and many hours of procrastination over which images work together. Enjoy!

As a reference, here is the link to EAT's first win.  Link opens in a new window. Avoid clutter. Close window when done.

For those of you living in the Charlotte NC area, please stop by the Charlotte Art League Gallery and view this event. The caliber of the work included in this show is outstanding.

Title: EAT
Date: 2013
Med: Digital C print
Support: Paper
Size (h x w):
29+3/8" x 14+7/8"
40+1/2" x 26+1/8"
Signed: Front/LR
Print#: 1/i

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to see large jpeg of EAT.

Image intensive page - be patient while images load
Thursday, November 13, 2014
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