notes on Pittsfield, MA Figure Painting 1969-70 Close window when done.
All paintings done at this time were 99.99% designed using Francis Bacon as the architect.

Image 1: 1966 sample of FB influenced figure painting done from memory.

The remainder of the paintings all were scaled to a partner drawing using the old way of doing this -the Renaisance grid. This grid can be seen peeking through the first layers of paint in image 9.

Images 12 - 15: All shown incomplete. I would work on as many as 5 of these figure painting at the same time. Oil paint dries slowly. My studio time was imited during these years due to my teaching schedule. I wanted to maximize the amount of work I could get done in short time studio sessions. They were completed after my move to Vermont in June 1970, but never photographed in their complete states. My bad!

Image 16: I also would use a pantograph to make upscaled tracings from the original drawing, perforate the tracing ala Reneaisance again, pounce the tracing with powdered charcoal on the canvas, make the painting. This is a small painting made using washes of oil paint. You can see the charcoal dots under the paint washes.