notes on Pittsfield, MA Figure Painting dK 1968-69 Close window when done.
The de Kooning influenced figure painting, after some scrutiny, didn't really arrive from my drawings. When I began the first pieces I drew with the paint in similar fashion as I used pencil, ink, and charcoal in the drawing. Both the drawing and painting were mostly executed on paper. Once I began to see and feel the color with the line, my muse took over and I never knew how a piece would turn out. This process was excited as much as it was addictive.

From Image 1 to the last image the progression develops where the early images were not that connected to de Kooning, to a real connecting at the middle, then a progression away from de Kooning at the end of this project.

This will be the second time these works have ever been exposed publicly. The first was at the Art Gallery in Springfield MA in the spring of 1969. The second is now. For some reason I was deeply embarrassed by how I approached and painted the female form at that time. Now, they seem tame to me.