notes on Iowa City 1962 - 1967 Figure Drawing Close window when done.
Image 1) example of drawing directly model in real time.

Images 2) through 25) - Figure drawings from memory based upon real time drawing experience. I was interested in moving the figure structure to an image I could use to create compositions that didn't reflect a classroom real time drawing ambience.

I found that drawing from specimens in the U. of Iowa Natural History Museum was helpful to solve detailing issues [museum 1] [museum 2]. Also drawing copy of hands and feet by Michelangelo and other classical artists helped create a memory image database of these features. I quickly moved this knowledge into my own working methodology. I also found working from photographs, my own and outsider images, was helpful to build my internal image catalog. Francis Bacon was another artist heavily studied and internalized. I openly used his environments for my own compositional solutions.

It didn't take long before I experienced an "aha" moment. A change took place where I began to feel a way to use the human form in my own created environments. See images 27 - 40. Now I was creating a variety of ways to use the figure in drawings, not as studies, but as fully developed art pieces.