notes on Iowa City 1962 - 1967 Figure Painting Close window when done.
Images 1 - 10. Painting the figure is directly influenced by drawing as its base. These early works, 1962-1965, connect directly to my abstract painting and drawing structure. There was no external artist influences in these paintings save maybe a glance at Alberto Giacomett1. I was mostly experimenting with various ways to construct paintings using the human form; not terribly interested in being correct anatomically.

Images 11 - 20. After my first MA thesis review in February 1965 where the thesis committee suggested I work with the human figure to personalize my work, I got serious about looking at the work of Francis Bacon for ways to place the human figure in an environment and drawing and photographing specimens at the U. of Iowa Natural History Museum; especially the primates [museum 1] [museum 2]. The painting never reached the same sophisticated place that my drawing did, but the paintings reveal a different attitude on how to relate the figure to painting, realism, abstraction though placement in imaginary environments. I liked the abstract idea of Bascon's use of the Museum glass box; also observed in the natural history museum.

Images 21 & 22. This was a fun piece. Embarrassing at the time it was painted summer 1967. At this time I was at the begriming of divorce proceedings... and was a bit pissed at the opposite sex... also looked briefly at Willem de Kooning. I always thought he ravaged women via his painting and drawing.