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In 1995 I fully engaged myself into the digital image creation process. I began translating digital images to canvas as close as possible to the original electronic image. I spent hours, even days, working on full size layouts on paper. These layouts were then used as the model for the acrylic painting on canvas. The construction process for the canvas representative was very, very tedius; involved making stencils on matte polyester, taping the stencil to the canvas, cutting the stencil, and so forth. It took months to complete a painting.

True to my established goals for the project, I kept at it - even though the process was driving me crazy.

I completed five or six of these digital canvases in a two-year time block. Four are illustrated here. I don't feel that any of them were really completed. I just stopped working on them.

I abruptly stopped this project after reflecting on a solo show at Kothe Howard here in Charlotte. The stuff didn't make any sense to me. It didn't fit my life as a painter.

A note about Largedigitalpainting, 2002 (bottom row right pair). I can never leave anything alone. Once I made up my mind to never go back to this kind of stuff, four years later I am still intrigued. So I did this painting. I liked it. Its the kind of thing I like to do just to work in the studio when I don't feel inspired. I revisit the site of Fred Martin from time-to-time and his latest comment about his own work fits my schizophrenic working life: "July 17, 2002: Just make the fuckin’ picture—not what it was in the eye or mind, but what it was in the deep solid of fate and destiny."

t07281heb.jpg (7K) cleardotgif spacer tSMALLDIGI-01-4.gif (18K) tP619-9ccc.gif (3K) cleardotgif spacer tLAVENDERDIGI-2-03-8.gif (14K)
Left:  Digital, 1996, (07281heb)
Right:  Canvas (Heb, 1996, ac, 28x24")

Left:  Digital, 1995, (P619-9ccc)
Right:  Canvas (Lavenderdigi, 1997, ac, 45x32")

t0711-2a0.gif (8K) cleardotgif spacer tBLUEDIGI-02-9.gif (21K) t0711-1A.gif (10K) cleardotgif spacer tDSCN1160-6a (7K)
Left:  Digital, 1995, (0711-2a0)
Right:  Canvas (Bluedigi, 1997, ac, 38x36")

Left:  Digital, 1995, (Largedigitalptg)
Right:  Canvas (Largedigitalpainting,
2002, ac, 61x56")

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