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This project is devoted to exposure of my art work to the widest audiance possible via the internet. My ideas as well as my images are offered.

 Images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or sold without permission.
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Price for specific works or a range of works is not published at this site. Prices will be quoted only to serious principals. Please--email--detail on your needs. Please include your telephone number with your request.

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2.  All images are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or sold without permission.
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3. Reproductions of paintings on canvas and paper: photographed with Nikon F1 and N60 35mm film cameras, Nikon Coolpix995 and D7000 digital cameras, and Kodak P880 digital camera. 35mm print film and 35mm color transparencies processed by Kodak. 35mm color negatives and 35mm color slides scanned by DPNimages, Matthews, NC.
4.  Scanned images processed for web site in Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfanview, and Corel Photo Paint.
5.  Digital images created in Corel Photo Paint, Adobe PhotoShop, and Paint Shop Pro.

Image info: Image info: The images on this site are JPEG, PNG or GIF format and optimized for web use. I balanced the image quality to best illustrate each image.
THIS SITE IS GRAPHICS INTENSIVE. Please be patient while images download. With today's hi-bandwidths available, download speed is fast.

Thank you for visiting. Any comments offered on the art or ways to improve the site are welcome.

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