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Early in January 2003 I cut some papers to the ratio of a canvas 68 x 59 inches with intentions of making a series of studies for 2 stretched canvases of this size. I started but didn't feel connected to what was happening… #'s 1 thru 8 (?). In mid February 2003 I changed direction and established a conceptual frame for continuing this project: Work on a single paper over a series of painting sessions -- additive/subtractive painting -- No gesture, or at least minimal use of it.

After the third or fourth session I had an aha experience, an epiphany of sorts. Ideas began to flow once again with new excitement from seemingly nowhere. The thinking and images were convincingly new to me. New isn't quite the accurate word. Fresh works much better. I had applied some of this thinking and imagery years ago. My passion for painting returned.

Somewhere within all of this madness came an overwhelming desire to use metallic paint; golds, bronzes, silvers and all sorts of mixes in between; boxes, lines and geometry; computer printouts of a variety of digital imagery; taking digital pictures of work in progress and developing changes on the computer. In truth I didn't care what final form a piece would take on, but found excitement in the travel to get there as well as the making process.

The following papers are the first efforts exploring this newness.

Selected images are connected to the Image Viewer.

January - mid February: Winding-down the gesture

Red Chain, 2003 (8K)
1)Red Chain, 2003, ap, 17"h x 8"w
FiftySixByForty-Three, 2003 (15K)
2)FiftySixByForty-Three, 2003, ap,
17"h x 13"w
Voyage2003, 2003 (19K)
3) Voyage2003, 2003, ap,
16"h x 17"w
Tendrils, 2003 (12K)
4) Tendrils, 2003,
ap, 19.5"h x 17"w

Yellow Lintel, 2003 (11K)
5) Yellow Lintel, 2003, ap, 17"h x 14.5"w
Road Combo 2003, 2003 (14K)
6) Road Combo 2003, 2003, ap, 15"h x 16.75"w
FiftySixByFiftyOneHalf, 2003 (14K)
7)FiftySixByFiftyOne-Half, 2003, ap,
17"h x 15.25"w
tDSCN1398-5c (12K)
8) Jazz, 2003, ap, 19.5"h x 17"w

Mid February - March Plus: -- Probing polarities -- gesture/complex - flat/simple - combination of bases.
Velázquez Doorway, 2003 (15K)
9) Velázquez Doorway, 2003,
ap, 17"h x 19"w
Bronze with Blue Patina Two, 2003 (17K)
10) Bronze with Blue Patina Two, 2003, ap,
18-5/8"h x 18"w
Green Corner, 2003 (16K)
11) Green Corner, 2003, ap, 16.75h x 15.75"w

Red into Green, 2003 (9K)
12) Red into Green, 2003, ap,
19"h x 17"w
Gold Box on a Red Line, 2003 (11K)
13) Gold Box on a Red Line, 2003, ap,
17"h x 15.75"w
Gold Box on a Red Line Two, 2003 (9K)
14) Gold Box on a Red Line Two, 2003, ap,
17"h x 15.75"w
Bronze with Blue Patina, 2003 (9K)
15) Bronze with Blue Patina, 2003, ap,
17"h x 14.5"w

Red Gold Blue, 2003 (10K)
16) Red Gold Blue, 2003, ap, 17"h x 14.5"w
Four Boxes by Two, 2003 (8K)
17) Four Boxes by Two, 2003, ap, 19.5"h x 17"w
Field, 2003 (14K)
18) Field, 2003, ap,
17h x 19.5"w

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