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I wanted to work out some ideas using acrylic paint on small papers; sizes in the range of 5" x 5". By working on small formats I can go through a lot of hands-on painting ideas in a hurray. Almost all of the papers executed during the last several weeks of August 2007, were multiple session paintings. All of the papers utilized my present interest in using Automatism from a purest approach and use as possible. When I started the next painting session, I would go through the previous days work, select the pieces that I thought needed further work. I then set out painting using the first solution idea that came to mind. I then did that move.

Along the way I got interested in working with collage elements; pasting scraps of newspaper that I use as wipes for painting tools - cutting, tearing, whatever floated my boat at the time — then pasted this stuff to small format papers. For this set of collages, I did not paint over the pasted paper elements. I wanted the collage to exist in a pure collage state.

Also for this set of papers I wanted to eliminate the brush as much as possible. I used various scraping/paint-pushing devices including palette knives, taping knives, various widths of plastic paint-trim-guides used as scrapers and cardboard strips ussed as paint pushers. Also used extensively was wax paper or other impregnated papers to use as paint transfer plates (not prints actually, but close). Lots of use of the fingers in transferring the paint from the wax paper transfer sheets. Interesting — by using the body heat in my fingers I could prolong the transfer process of different paint areas on a piece of wax paper. Of course after a certain drying point, the paint was no longer transferable. Then I use these wax papers as collage material.

I have selected 31 samples of small papers out of almost 100 made. Some of the non-selected pieces are currently undergoing more work and may be presented at a later date. The August 2007 small paper project is presented on two pages: August 2007 small papers set 01, and set 02.
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