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2018 - 2020

Themes for projects are set up at random. I select images from a large database of images collected since 1960. Using Picasa3 software and a Logitech Max Master mouse, I spin the mouse wheel. When the scrolling of images stops I peruse the screen full of images to see if any of them will work to start something. If not, I spin the wheel again; peruse images. This process continues until an image grabs my fancy and I start work. To make all of this happen I use a gaming computer. This machine has more than ample power, memory and speed to allow several graphics programs and files to be operational at the same time across 2 screens.

I use the process of photography to establish an arena for my figures to perform in. This performance is what you see when you look at one of my artworks. The meaning of the performance is chamelian-like; a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

"Our perceptions are so individually rooted that we can practically say that we experience multiple realities. Depending on which senses we use and what previous experiences we have, we explore our physical world in such a way that one could say that itís a reality of itís own [an art work]. By exposing ourselves to multiple realities we not only learn more, we also diminish our generalizations within that field". Quoted from a {PDF} by Erik Nystrom

You will notice there are some images presented several times. This is a nice feature of working digitally. Each change is savable as a individual file for future reference.

Please enjoy the update. Email me with any questions {email}
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2018 Digital Images

2018 Shoe Project Digital Images

2019 Digital Images

2020 Digital Images
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