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PAINTING 2002: Progress toward simplifying the structure. My intentions are not to move the painting or its process toward minimalism in its classic definition. Painting 2002 progression maintains an interest in playoff between the emerging quietness and the counterpart of splash, run and drip.

Again during 2002, asking questions about what my painting is. Asking questions is an ongoing studio event for me. Nothing is ever finished. The painting and its conceptual base are always part of an open-ended dialog: "Did I make my mark?" "Is it time to move on?" "Are the images getting tired or mannered?" "Is this the real me?" The questions are endless and required. They are sought by me to test how well the concept (the internal) and the painting (the external) relate to each other. Nothing concrete here!

Typical of a phase where I am in a questioning mode, the output for 2002 is smaller than in most years. Also typical of a questioning segment is a multiplicity expressed through the paintings as I work through ideas - making comparisons. I layout the differences so I can see them, then place them back into the query process.

Trying new ideas to see if they fit current thinking is characteristic of my career… always changing, experimenting - always pushing and defining a new envelope. Out of this confusion arrives a clarity that needs review so it can be re-clarified. :) One can never step into the same river twice!

Each image is connected to the image viewer. The purpose of the image viewer is to allow for an up close and personal look at the process structure.

Images presented in chronological order.

Three Circles, 2002 (7K)
1) Three Circles, 2002, ac,
42"h x 40"w

Water Story, 2002 (12K)
2) Water Story 2002, ac,
32.25"h x 33"w

3) Untitled Panel 2002, ac,
19"h x 16"w
Yu Kan, 2002 (6K)
4) Yu Kan, 2002, ac,
43"h x 23"w

Blue Diary, 2002 (22K)
5) Blue Diary, 2002,
ac, 56"h x 41"w

Delta, 2002 (20K)
6) Delta, 2002, ac,
12"h x 12"w

Sixty-Eight, 2002
7) Sixty-
, 2002, ac, 68"h x 34"w
Small Try, 2002 (21K)
8) Small Try, 2002, ac,
16"h x 14"w

Kobuki Two, 2002
9) Kobuki Two, 2002, ac,
68"h x 34"w
Red Brown Blue, 2002 (16K)
10) Red Brown Blue, 2002, ac,
57"h x 42"w
11) Untitled White, 2002, ac,
56"h x 41"w
Manfreed, 2002 (8K)
12) Manfreed, 2002,
ac, 56"h x 43.25"w

Calig, 2002 (6K)
13) Calig, 2002, ac,
68"h x 34"w

Things, 2002 (13K)
14) Things, 2002, ac, 28"h x 42"w

tDscn0207-v2-2 (8K)
15) Organa, 2002, ac,
15.75h x 18"w
TJJ, 2002 (9K)
16) TJJ, 2002, ac,
57"h x 42"w

BN, 2002 (4K)
17) BN, 2002,
ac, 68"h x 34"w

BlueRedBrownGreen, 2002 (8K)
18) BlueRedBrown Green, 2002, ac,
32"h x 22"w
ttCOLLAGE-02a1abcdef2a.jpg (12K)
19) Collage, 2002, mm, 15"h x 23.75"w

Image intensive page - be patient while images load    Updated   August 1, 2008

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