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Digital: 1994 - 1995Digital Imaging Overview
My first digital experience was funded on a shoestring budget. Therefore the early digital images were all black and white to match the printer I could afford. I simply brought my painting experience to the digital experience. The images shown here were all exhibited at a solo show at the Fovea Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC in July 1995; reviewed by Bill Alexander in ArtPapers (Atlanta, GA); November/December 1995 issue.
1) Breach, 1994, dig, 5.38"h x 4.75"w

2) Janver,
1994, dig,
6.74"h x 3.24"w
3) Trinity, 2002, ap,
24"h x 18"w

city visit
4) City Visit, 1995, dig,
4"h x 4"w

5) Interconnect, 1995, dig,
4"h x 4.646"w

6) Disolve, 1995, dig, 5"h x 3.75"w
7) Unravel, 1995, dig, 5.33"h x 5.33"w
8) Texten, 1995, dig, 3"h x 4.238"w
9) Textentwo, 1995, dig,
3"h x 4.238"w

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