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Toward the end of 2003 I decided to stop making images on paper. Desiring a new focus and an interest in moving the image away from gesture AE to the colorfield AE side, I felt it was now time to engage the digital environment more closely.

I began to work on ideas to wean myself from brush strokes, splatter and throwing paint by imaging ideas on the computer. Realizing an image on the computer strips away the material side of making art. In a sense, computer imaging is rather pure, intellectual and mental

Therefore, no work on paper as such were created from December 2003 to the present.

Periodocically I create digital prints that fit on 11 x 8.5 inch sheets of paper. Larger formats could be part of a future digital print effort, but I haven't made a committment to digital printing at this time.

When the Katrina huricane devastated New Orleans, there was a stir in the Charlotte area that we as artists should do something to contribute to the rebuilding of New Orleans. I created and framed one digital print for this occasion.

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