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Updated Wednesday, January 31, 2018

To travel hopefully is better than to arrive
 Projects will be changed on a regular basis. Stop by often to experience the updates.
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1 & 2)  New encasutic painting

3)  Art Annonymous Exhibit; Arts Council of Moore County, Southern Pines, NC
Writings posted previoiusly on this page. 12.23.10 here is a bring-back list

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I haven't updated this section since 2014. My initial intention was to replace this section with a blog. Well!!!! The blog was started, then abandoned. I lost interest in spending the time required to keep a blog runnning. The blog is still online and link is available on my home page. I simply have not kept it current. I felt guilty about the abandonment and restarted the blog in 2016. Then abandoned again. Bad me!!!!

However, I just learned that Wordpress is placing advertising all over my free blog. The only way to remove the advertising is to upgrade to a paid version of wordpress. NOT!!!

My blog is no longer being supported and no longer can be reached from this site.

At this time, JUST STUFF is......

The above links still work.
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