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Updated Friday, June 13, 2014

To travel hopefully is better than to arrive
 Projects will be changed on a regular basis. Stop by often to experience the updates.
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2014 update; Long Overdue!


1 & 2)  New encasutic painting

3)  Art Annonymous Exhibit; Arts Council of Moore County, Southern Pines, NC
12.23.10 here is a bring-back list of writings posted previoiusly on this page.

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I haven't updated this section since 2009. My initial intention was to replace this section with a blog. Well!!!! The blog was started, then abandoned. I lost interest in spending the time required to keep a blog runnning. The blog is still online and link is available on my home page. I simply have not kept it current. Bad me!!!!
I found this online slide show test buried in a directory that got lost when I was adding an external hard drive. Out of mind out of site. However, I thought that it would be a good inclusion here for use as an update posting to JUST STUFF.

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Encaustic painting = Return - hiatus since 1994 Click on image below
Art Annonymous Exhibit; Arts Council of Moore County, Southern Pines, NC   Click on image below

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