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Digital: 1997 - 1999Digital Imaging Overview
I began to feel that the computer imaging was interfering with my studio painting. And this worried me. There needed to be a balance mentally between the two worlds; virtual and the real. Several failed attempts were made to translate digital images into large canvases. What a painfully slow process? Why not make large format prints and forget the translation into painted canvas? In late 1997 I stopped making digital images with the idea of translating them into paintings. I was into new energy in my painting because I took the computer out of the painting process. The paintings were now taking on a life again. I went back to applying the painting energy as the working force to create digital images. Expressionism and automatism were now governing my entire making process. These images represent my efforts at the moment.

23) Umbra, 1996-97,
dig, 6"h x 5.684"w
24) Essence, 1997, dig,
5"h x 5"w
25) Slate, 1998, dig,
5"h x 5"w
26) Framed, 1998, dig,
5"h x 5"w

27) Rain, 1999, dig,
4"h x 4"w
28) Specula, 1998, dig,
4.25"h x 4"w
29) Dyads, 1998, dig,
4.25"h x 4.187"w
30) Parob, 1999, dig,
4.25"h x 4"w

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